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Donald Bennett
Donald Bennett
I had to search for many fence contractors before finding Perry and his crew. From talking to him, I knew they were the right people for my fence. He was straight and honest with the estimate and delivered what he promised. I was not only happy with my fence but also with the whole process. I highly recommend hiring Perry.

Your Austin Fence Contractors for Ranch Style Fence Installation

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Fence Installation

Quality fences add beauty, value and utility to your home. Whether you have livestock or pets to keep safe or want a rustic feel to your home, our farm or ranch style fencing make a beautiful fit. We do everything from game fencing or field fencing for deer and exotic animals to pipe fencing for corrals or cattle gates. All of our jobs are customized to fit your needs.

Austin fence repair

Fence Repair

Fences need care and maintenance to stay in functioning shape. In fact, regular inspections for tightening wire or replacing bent or damaged posts can save you major expenses in the long run by preventing other issues. Whether you need a fence completely replaced or require minor fence repairs, we are here to help.

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Gate Installation

Gates are incredibly important for livestock fencing. Moving animals, vehicles, or family safely in and out of fenced areas with ease is a life saver for any ranch or home. We install gates of all types, from automatic driveway gates with solar powered cells to 10 ft deer fence gates that keep predators out and your exotic game in. Call today for Austin gate installation or repairs.

Looking for the perfect farm or ranch fence for your property? Farm and ranch fencing varies greatly on the purpose of your fence, budget, and size of project. Here at the Farm and Ranch Fencing Co. we help you determine the perfect fit that keeps your animals in while keeping the unwanted out.

Quality Materials for Lasting Life

Farm and Ranch Fencing Co uses the highest quality materials for fence installation. Steel piping is galvanized and painted, wood is treated and painted upon request, and our wire fencing is of the highest quality steel, knotted for years of life.

Adding a high quality farm fence or ranch fence to your fields adds value to your property. Fencing is not an expense, but instead an investment that is worth the price. If you're looking for the best cattle fencing or farm and ranch fencing near Austin, TX, you've found the right folks.

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Five stars all the way! Quick, clear communication and amazing work on our new fence. The pasture never looked so good.

-Susan T.

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Cattle Fencing Texas

Cattle Fencing

Farm and Ranch Fencing Co has many options to choose from for cattle fences. We tailor the perfect cattle fence solutions based on your budget and needs. Below you'll find many options available, and feel free to call today to tell us about your fencing project and get suggestions.

We do everything from barbed wire fencing, mesh wire fencing with barbed wire, custom welded pipe fencing for feed plots to horse and cattle gates for high traffic areas. Call today to customize cattle fencing to fit you needs.

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Barbed Wire Fence

Barbed wire fences are often a perfect fit for cattle fencing because of the lower cost of barbed wire fencing and effectiveness by deterring cows. Cedar posts with barbed wire is a common and economical solution to cover large amounts of farmland. We run three tier barbed wire fences on cedar posts, and upwards of five tiers of barbed wire on metal post fences. If you have other animals sharing the pasture with your cattle, we could construct a braided wire pole fence and line the top with barbed wire. This keeps smaller animals safe while discouraging cattle from reaching over or leaning against your farm fences.

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Wood Horse Fencing

No local farm fence installers would be fully equipped if they didn’t provide traditional board fencing or wood horse fencing solutions. Using the highest quality treated boards to ensure a long life, we traditionally install natural oak boards for horse fencing. Custom painting and three or four rail fencing systems are available. Want extra life out of your wood horse fence? Installing an electric fence with the board horse fence keeps horses from chewing the wood.

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Wire Mesh Horse Fence

Are you worried your pets or other predators make it into your pastures? Wire mesh fences are closely spaced and woven tight to ensure horses cannot step through or walk down the fence. The tight spacing also keeps paws, claws and legs from getting caught in the fence, protecting horses and pets alike. The wire for mesh horse fences is galvanized steel for long lasting life and comes at various prices and qualities.

Wire mesh can be added to a traditional wood horse fence, but if you’re starting fresh we could simply line the top of the wire mesh fence with a metal pipe fence or vinyl pole fence. A cheaper alternative to wood, the pipe fence adds support and protection needed for larger animals such as horses and cattle.

Austin TX Horse Fence Contractor

Horse and Cattle Gates

With an extensive line of galvanized, powder coated, light and heavy duty horse and cattle gates, Farm and Ranch Fencing Co. has all you need for your farm gates. Our different sizes range from 6ft, 10ft, 12ft and 16 ft lengths. These are built tough, ready to resist wear and tear from horses, cattle and weather alike. Dipped in corrosion-resistant zinc, these tube gates are tough and durable. Whether you have one horse or need something that holds up for large herd containment and crowding like feed lots, we have you covered with horse gates and cattle gates.

Horse gates come with a variety of latches from singe, two-way and hinge locking systems. Accessories such as gate wheels and gate anchors are available. Call today and schedule a consultation.

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Woven Wire Ranch Fences

Woven wire fencing is a great solution for many farm fencing needs. Often called sheep fence or hog fence, it is known for keeping smaller animals fenced in safely without endangering livestock. For hogs or pigs, we suggest adding a bit of barbed wire or electric wire at ground level in addition to the woven wire fence to keep them from digging.

Farm & Ranch Fencing Co. has several options for wire fences and gates. Woven wire is installed free-standing between wooden posts, metal posts, mounted on pole fences or even line horse fences. The size of the fences openings also varies depending on use. Wire fences and gates for horses are much safer with small openings, while sheep do just fine with wide openings. Small wire fencing called “no climb fencing” is great for game as well. If you have an existing fence or gate you’d like to reinforce, Farm and Ranch Fencing Co. make wired fence and gates.

Woven wire field fence Austin TX

Game Fence or Deer Fence

We offer multiple solutions for game fences and field fences. Whether you’re keeping deer or exotic animals on your property for breeding and management or want predators to stay out, our range of high deer fences and gates accommodate your needs while looking sharp.

When covering larger areas, such as pastures, entire ranches, or fields, we offer a heavy-duty solution. Our 8 foot fixed knot field fences or deer fences have graduated spacing from top to bottom, keeping out small predators and large game. Made of steel, the top and bottom line wires are extra thick, ready to resist impact. The large openings at the top of the fence help prevent tangles for deer when they try and jump. No stretching or sagging, our deer fence is built to last. Call today for more information or to schedule a quote

When protecting a small area from deer and other wildlife, such as your garden, we use a lightweight woven wire netting that creates a no climb fence. Still made of steel, this lighter woven wire with a built-in game fence gate is a more economical solution for game fencing.

Pipe fencing horse ranch fence

Pipe Fencing

Metal pipe ranch fences have several styles and purposes, and Farm and Ranch Fence Co. helps you determine what works best for your property. No matter the purpose, metal pipe fencing offers decades of life due to quality & durability.

Add mesh wire to the pipe fence and create a custom wire fence and wire gate that serves for keeping out predators and keeping in your livestock. Farm and Ranch designs pipe fences with as many horizontal rails as needed.

Single horizontal rails are often accompanied by mesh or wire to create a more durable wire fence. Mesh or wire is customized, from Sheffield wire, horse “no-climb” wire, chicken wire, barbed wire and more. Want to add hog panels to the fence? No problem.

Pipe fencing stands alone with as many horizontal rails as you’d like. Often three or four tier fences are suitable for horses or some livestock. Call us today  help work out what is best for your farm or ranch.

PVC ranch fence and farm fence

PVC Fencing for Farms

PVC or vinyl fencing is easy to maintain and adds a stunning look to your farm, ranch or home for years. Our PVC farm fence looks like the traditional post and board horse fence, but is weather resistant, easy to clean and needs virtually no maintenance. The fence won’t fade or peel, as it is protected from UV rays.

There is no breaking capacity for PVC, so vinyl fences are best suited as decoration for your farm, yard, home or driveway. Horse riding arenas also look stunning with the fence’s bright white finish. If used as a horse fence, we highly suggest including electric fencing. No fencing is completely horse proof, but PVC fencing does work in most situations when accompanied with electric fencing.

Horse Paddock Austin TX

Corral Fence or Paddock

Corral fences are typically constructed of wood or metal pipe due to the need for strength when a corral becomes crowded. You never know if an animal chooses to challenge the fence! Pipe fences are fortified with thicker piping to handle heavy duty strain, and wooden fences are held with thicker posts than on other wooden farm fences.

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Farm and Ranch Fencing Company is your local fencing contractor specializing in horse fences and gates, cattle fencing, wire fencing and livestock solutions for over 10 years. Call for competitive pricing and professional quality.